MsMightyMau Missing In Action? Part 1: Leaving Dubai...

Alright, I know that this blog has been idle for a long time now... And I do admit that I have been an unproductive blogger since August of 2015... I always say that I miss blogging but I haven't done anything to even draft a page... Well, I have been missing in action and I think I owe an explanation here in my blog... So to those peeps who missed me, this 2-part-blog-special is for you..

Let's get started...

My Dubai Life

Okay, so I went to Dubai way back April of 2014. Well, to be honest, going to Dubai was not my own choice.. My mom had requested for me to fly to Dubai to help in providing for our family's financial needs. It's totally fine, I'm not against it... but I'm not happy about it as well. At that time, I was having too much fun as a blogger, seriously, I'm having a grand time... However, I do understand that flying to Dubai is supposed to help for our family's future so I decided to give in...

The good part is, that I was with mom.. See, she spent a little over 12 years in Dubai already.. Flying to Dubai means being with her, so it's not that bad at all.. I was able to get a job fairly fast as a secretary in a trading company, and mom and I were not having a hard time to make ends meet for our family.. But then, come March 2015, mom and I had decided that it's about time for her to explore other options than be stuck in Dubai for more years... An opportunity came for her to transfer to New Zealand...

Well, I know it is for the better in the long run. But it was sad to be left alone. Being alone is not new to me though... I have always been independent and responsible on my own but it's just a little sad that mom and I had to be far away from each other again. I tried to make it work, but Dubai without mom is really an empty place... Good thing I do have friends (Well, a lot of friends actually) that's why I was able to hold on a little longer... But sometimes, things doesn't go as you planned.

It came to a point where I have encountered major financial difficulties in Dubai. Let's just say that I have work but it's hard to get paid... Unlucky me, eh? Anyways, it came to a point that I can't handle it anymore, that's why I had to give up Dubai...

What I miss in Dubai...

Missing Dubai? Yes of course! Dubai is a stunner! There's so much to love about Dubai. But its more fun in the Philippines nga di ba? Hahaha! But I still decided to write down a few things that I do miss about Dubai...

1. Burj Khalifa
The tallest building is the first thing that popped in my mind when thinking about Dubai.. I always see it from a far while riding a bus on my way home every night!

2. Shawarma
I don't like Arabic or Indian food, but I do love Dubai's authentic shawarmas! L-O-V-E!

3. Ramadan Office Hours
Shortened office hours for the entire Ramadan period. Early out! Woohoo! :)

4. Satwa
I definitely miss the busy streets of Satwa, Duba. Some taxi drivers in Dubai call Satwa the "Little Manila", this is because there a lot of Filipinos living in Satwa sharing rooms in residential flats and villas.

5. My 2nd family, my dearest friends...
Of course, it's harder to leave the people than the place behind. I found a 2nd family with my ALDUB Middle East, ALDENatics UAE and MAINEnatics UAE fan group and I do have a bunch of true friends as well outside of ALDUB... and it's hard for me to let go of our strong bond, but I had to.. To my dearest friends in Dubai, I miss you all, I really do.

My ALDUB Pemily in UAE

Never have I thought that what started as a joke, became one big, strong and happy family that continues to uphold values that we earn from our loves Alden and Maine and the entire Eat Bulaga team.

Our FANmily was my pride and joy in Dubai. We were able to surpass trials and succeed in our projects as a team. There's ups and downs but I am proud to say that we were able to stand the tests and up until now, we are holding on too strong with the love we have for each other as a family. Ibang klase talaga. Well, some people may come and go, but those who stayed are the ones who really matter most. I thank each and everyone for the trust you have given me. It was such a pleasure to lead you all to greatness. We are different, because we are one... ALDUB ME, ALDENatics UAE and MAINEnatics UAE is united for the love of ALDUB and for the love of each other.

Please allow me to share to the world, what we have accomplished as a team with this short but sweet video slideshow:
This video sums up our success! I seriously got teary eyed when I first saw this clip. I missed each and everyone badly! I am grateful to all of my dedicated admins and members who stayed and who are willing to keep the flame burning for our family... I know it is hard without me, and it gets harder when I'm really too busy. But please do know that you touched my life in so many ways... ( a big bonus was I even developed a talent because of you guys: a talent to remember names easily.) HAHAHA!

I LOVE YOU ALL... Sincerely...

Special thank yous to Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards for keeping us together through it all...

And before I end part 1, I just want to say that I missed blogging, seriously... Thanks for keeping on!

Being in Dubai has been one helluvah ride! See you on part 2!

--- To be continued ---
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