LSS ko 'to: Shawn Mendez and Hailee Steinfeld - Stitches

So I've decided to share my current LSS (Last Song Syndrome) here on my blog. And for my very first entry, here's Shawn Mendes and Hailee Steinfeld's acoustic version of Stitches:
I know Hailee from Pitch Perfect 2. I like her singing style but damn she gave a new kind of kick to Shawn's song! Kudos to both of you. Stitches can't get out of my head now. :)
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4 (mga) komento:

  1. Hi fend :) nice song, si legendary hehehe....

  2. From the transition of classic rock to blues and on to the other music genres that followed, electric guitars have always been the sole factor that stood the test of time and i like this video.

  3. I'm keen on her singing style but damn she gave the latest kind of kick to Shawn's music! Kudos to both of people. Stitches can't get out connected with my head now.

  4. I'm obsessed w this video i literally havent stopped watching it since it came out i love their voices