Food: MAGNUM has arrived!

Summer is here! As you may know HEAT can consume us everyday.. but worry no more because I'll suggest a "quick fix"..


Selecta MAGNUM has arrived in the Philippines! Induldge to the royal goodness of this ice-cream-wrapped-in-belgian-chocolate treat! I swear that you will never get over the first bite! You will be craving for more! As of now, it is available in 3 variants here in PHL.. Magnum Classic, Almond and Choco Truffle..


The MAGNUM craze was hyped by no other than "royal celebrities" like Raymond Gutierrez, Liz Uy, Erwan and Solenn Heussaff.

It was talked about by most and has even been a trending topic on the social networking site Twitter. Everyone loves it! You can grab your own dose of Magnum at 7-eleven and other supermarkets and convenient stores for only P55 - P60.
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